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Longtime Orland Park Family Continues Culinary Traditions

Dennis Chiappetti Moves from Lamb & Veal to Seasoning

ORLAND PARK, IL (June 4, 2021) – The Chiappetti name has long been associated with outstanding cuisine. A mainstay in the Chicago Stockyards community, Chiappetti Lamb and Veal was known for its high quality meats for decades throughout the country.

Dennis Chiappetti

Dennis Chiappetti, 70, of Orland Park, is the third generation of Chiappettis in the United States and is continuing the family's culinary commitment.

"Why keep it a secret? It’s too good to keep it from the world. I get immense satisfaction seeing the joy it brings to people who use it. This is the People’s Choice Seasoning," Chiappetti said.

Chiappetti created the seasoning in 2006 and ran a contest to see which of the different seasonings would win. "Our Chiappetti Seasoning has been a winner ever since," he said.

The seasoning can be purchased online at and at local grocers, including Berkot's, Italian Imports, Pete's Market, Caputo's, Sunset Foods and at Jack and Pat's.

Buy online at

"We've created a blend of seasonings that work well on everything," Chiappetti said. "People tell us they use it on their favorite meats and vegetables. They enjoy it on steak, chicken, broccoli, fish, potatoes, pastas, salads, you name it! We've had a great response to the seasoning.”


Chiappetti's grandfather, Fiore Chiappetti, emigrated to the United States from Italy in 1919. He worked for the railroad and eventually opened his own butcher shop beginning a family history that would grow to a household name in the meat and agriculture industry, supplying meat for facilities around the world.

Fiore Chiappetti

“People remember the Chiappetti name and know that we remain committed to the high quality that my grandfather began when he first opened his butcher shop," Chiappetti said. "We enjoy hearing how our customers enjoy their seasoning and what they've used it on," Chiappetti said, adding, "The best part is hearing the new and exciting things people use it on like Bloody Marys and popcorn."

Chiappetti said that one of his favorite stories was from a Chicago area resident, Gary Kostrubala, who entered a pancake contest at Blue Cross/Blue Shield, where his wife worked. "Gary entered as a joke, making potato pancakes using Chiappetti Seasoning as his secret ingredient," Chiappetti said smiling. "He won first prize and his family has been hooked ever since."

Chiappetti Seasoning is made with a balance of five natural ingredients. Chiappetti said, "Blended together, the ingredients enhance the food's natural flavor and delight the taste buds."

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Unknown member
Jan 15, 2022

I don't know if you got my comment before but this is Gary, one of your biggest fans of your seasoning. I still use it for everything, eggs in the morning, burgers and steaks, pork chops, chile and of course best of all , lamb! If you ever oh, and I mean ever need a testimonial or if you do a commercial I'm there for you! Keep doing what you're doing

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