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Chicago Author Releases "The Great Awakening of 2020: A Mandalic Journey"

CHICAGO, IL (June 4, 2021) – Mandalas first appeared in India centuries ago and continue to be used by cultures around the world. The word mandala is Sanskrit for circle, its usual form, and can be used as a tool for reflecting and centering. Mandalas are naturally occurring in ancient civilizations, architecture and nature.

"The mandalas that I create help people access information about and for themselves," said Gail Alexander, author of the newly released "The Great Awakening of 2020: A Mandalic Journey."

"The universal language is symbols and this is why my images have been likened to symbols, ancient knowledge, codes, healing conduits, portals and guidance," Alexander explained.

Gail Alexander

A well-known Chicago area therapist, Alexander is also a certified Kahuna Oneness Arch healing master, a Reiki master and is trained in DNA Thera Healing, Quantum Touch, EFT and Akashic Records. She has been described as a clairvoyant, healer, medium, artist and intuitive.

"We have all the answers we need inside. Sometimes, we need a little reassurance and validation when accessing the information – being able to remember the magnificence of who you are and the abilities that you have."

"I believe we all have these abilities and our paths look very different as we are all here to learn our souls' lessons," Alexander explained.

Alexander began creating mandalas in an opening to intuition course in 2000. "The assignment was to create gift mandalas for each other. I haven't stopped since and have created more than 4000 mandalas," she recalled.

In her eighth book, Alexander shares a year full of her mandalas in "The Great Awakening of 2020," available on Amazon Books at

Described as "an energetic journey through the pandemic of 2020," the book is one of light, healing, breathing, shifting, awakening, peace, spirituality, love and grounding.

Alexander's hand-crafted mandalas appear in chronological order illustrating the energy building through the year. "2020 brought many changes and challenges for us and our world and this book shows the triumph of the human spirit," Alexander said, adding, "This book was created to and for humanity with love."

"The information comes from your energy field, spirit team and spiritual helpers that are always with and around you. It's a matter of being able to tune into it," Alexander explained.

Alexander said that the knowledge or message is translated by using principles of sacred geometry, unconditional love and light. How people use and work with a mandala image is purely intuitive.

"People have printed them out and carried them around," Alexander said. "They've placed their hand over it or just look at it every day." Alexander has created many mandalas for humanity, offering assistance as people evolve, grow and gain new understanding of who they are.

Alexander's intuitive readings and Akashic Record Readings often validate what people already know to be true. "My readings are filled with love and compassion to help people learn to trust their inner voices, higher selves or intuition as people gain awareness and evolve on their own journeys," Alexander said.

Readings help with gaining clarity and seeing how energy affects the body, frequency and vibration. They also help people bring themselves into alignment, balance and harmony with their own healing abilities.

"We all have the ability to listen ourselves and heal ourselves," Alexander said, adding, "The readings help with building trust in yourself and how you work, learning and growing to become the most authentic, genuine version of what you can be."

Alexander added, "Every decision we make affects us and affects who we are in the world."

Further information about Alexander's books and services is available at

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